Born from a group of International Traders and Logistics Specialist that have great passion for the Overland vehicles.  We evaluate various global markets. This analysis includes their state of currency, stability, logistics capabilities and of course available access to high quality Overland Vehicles which we will import into North America.  We are constantly traveling the world looking for the best vehicles and parts in order to make them available through our website and third party affiliates. 

Our Partners in the origin countries perform thorough inspections on every Overland Vehicle we acquire.  This includes various photos of both the inside and outside of the vehicle as well as a visit to our mechanic shop where we thoroughly inspect the vehicle’s mechanical components.  If we see any ripped, broken or dented components such as lights, interior trim, upholstery, etc., we can replace for an extra charge.  Per customer requests, we will install new wheels, tires and full suspension lifts to our imports to maintain a high level of quality and impressive look.

Overland Imports handles all export documents, taxes and various requirements per origin country.  We work directly with global shipping lines to monitor the onboard vessel loading, transit and delivery of the Overland vehicles to North American ports.  Finally, once the vessel arrives in North America, we handle all import requirements, taxes, fees and import duties.

Overland Imports also takes care of all title paperwork with the local DMV so that you have a legitamate American title for your new vegicle.  Overland Imports works with a wide network of carriers to provide you with a door delivery service.  Please contact us for more information.



Hard Top Short Wagon(OJ50LV) & Soft Top Short Wagon(OJ50L)


Hard Top Long Wagon(OJ50LV-B)


Single Cab Short Bed(OJ50LP-B) & Single Cab Long Bed(OJ50LP-B



We have a few other trucks up our sleeves

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